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What should you know about The Little Artist?

  • The kindergarten is authorized by the Order of the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation number: 3794 from the date 04.05.2009 and part of the Bucharest private education school network.
  • The optimal teacher/children match is dependent on the child’s age.

The primary objectives are teaching English and German at a native level.

  • Our curriculum is balanced, relevant and differentiated, which ensures progress, continuity and the possibility of development. We target the British preschool curriculum. (Based on the Early Years Foundation Stage & Statutory Framework.)

Our program complies with the Ministry of National Education’s regulations, and the teaching content follows the educational concept “Pyramide ©” developed by Cito Pedagogical Institute (Germany). We are among the few institutions that have implemented this educational concept in Romania. Pyramide was designed specifically to facilitate learning the German language by non-natives in Germany through a method that allows them to reach a level of native fluency.

  • Holistic and multi-sensory educational approach found within an abundance of resources, activities and experiences.
  • Creative and differrent  teaching methods that emphasize the design aspect and performance (rather than information) of the proposed programs.
  • Concernfor personal, social and emotional development of children, which is also found in other curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Variety ofextracurricular activities both to give children the opportunity to identify their talents and passions and to give them the opportunity to work at a higher level in areas they excel.